Recycling, Reuse and Eco-construction, Colombes, 07/2012


The aim of the workshop is to teach & learn techniques of building with recycled and reused material collected locally, in suburbs close to Colombes.  The workshop is located on the site of the future Agrocite – an agro-cultural Unit within R-Urban ( and concentrates on the construction of outdoor facilities for the cultivated area, including a pedagogic garden, community patches and an agro lab experimenting with different cultivation practices and techniques. These facilities include pathways, sitting platforms, dry toilets, compost boxes, water collection.  The Eco-nomadic School session will consist in hands-on learning and teaching of aspects of recycling, reusing and eco-construction that could be applied in other contexts.

Place: Agrocite ( 4-14 rue Jules Michelet, Colombes 92 ) 



22 Avenue Audra, Colombes, 92700, France
48.927743962086254, 2.25219726

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