Local Tradition in Action, Brezoi, 07/2014


FCDL (The  Community Foundation for Local Development) aims to develop a pilot project that involves both building a new ODAIE in local traditional style and especially ESTABLISHING A COMMON SPACE  for local people, tourists, scholars etc. Specifically, the new Odaia is a foundation stone for the development of a tourist/economic circuit which offers visualization and involvement in local tradition, such as traditional wood and stone construction, weaving in traditional fashion and zonal cheese manufacture;  activities of “fanarit” (hay making), traditional jams and syrups production; visiting other Odai, meeting local  people and explaining the situation and the customs of the area.

The workshop is aimed at finding the goods, practices and products that can enter into an alternative economic circuit  and their development.


Both a building and a strategy workshop inside  CLIC/ENS2.

CLIC(Communal Local Innovation Classes) is an European partnership with Grundtvig(European Commission Erasmus+)  funding, a continuation of the ENS(Eco-Nomadic School) partnership. The project equips individuals and groups from four exemplary European communities with skills and competence to access their local resources (knowledge, materials, narratives) and to apply them in different social, cultural or entrepreneurial contexts. CLIC is a framework to share and pool local knowledge, resources, technologies and methodologies with the support of international and inter-disciplinary input.



4 participants from AAA [Atelier d'Architecture Autogérée]
5 participants from Frensdorg Peasant Museum  & Myvillages.org 
a filming crew from Bucharest (in order to achieve a short documentary on Odaia)
Odai owners, craftsmen, FCDL [Community Foundation for Local Development Brezoi]volunteers, people interested in local development and pilot project





It will focus on two themes:
-Autoconstruction on  the New Odaia
-understanding and production of goods / products typical for a Odaie and development of the strategy for selling / trading the  products


SUNDAY - 27July

“ODAIA” Area

14.00 - Lunch
15.30 - Tour of the Area and understanding Odai activities  + search and collect  mushrooms and herbs
19.00 - dinner
20.30 - Presentations: FCDL - about Odai
                                MyVillages / Museum Frensdorf
 *sleeping on Odaia  Area

MONDAY  - 28 July

08.00 - breakfast
09.00 – Visit to Stana (special odaia where there are sheeps and cheese is made)- (on foot, on horseback) -

-see how cheese is locally made

-making of “balmos/balmes” - polenta+meat+cheese + all eating balmos
16.00 - Odaii specific activities (depending on time and weather)
-bottling products / goods
-“Sita”(wood boards that compose a traditional roof) manufacturing / Autoconstruction
-”fanarit”(work on hay and haystaks)  activities
21.00 - dinner

 *sleeping on Odaia  Area

TUESDAY - 29 July

08.00 - breakfast
09.30 - strategy workshop on “odaia” goods/products for a stand on “Brezoi Days” (one of the main local holidays) from late August 
-round tables and debates - what and how should be promoted, how should the goods / products  look
13.30 - Final discussion and free program
20.00 - dinner

 *sleeping on Odaia  Area





The Workshop and the entire partnership is supported by Grundtvig Lifelong Learning Programme of  European Commission through the National Agency for Community Programmes in Education and Training.

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