Rural Luxury and Natural Fermentation, Höfen, 10/2014


30 Oct – 1 Nov 2014
CLIC International Workshop
Höfen & Frensdorf, Southern Germany

“Rural Luxury, Höfer Lace and Fermentation”
A mixed package.

This year’s workshop continues with themes and ideas from earlier events in Höfen, such as house-keeping, endowment and food preservation. The two day workshop in late October will look at ‘luxury goods and the countryside’, local lace making and natural fermentation as a way to preserve food. The two days offer a mixed programme for local and international guests and takes place at the Peasant Museum in Frensdorf and the Community Hall in Höfen.

The event is organised within the context of Myvillages’ ongoing action-research into local production within rural communities, and is part of an annual series of workshops and seminars in Höfen which started in 2007, set up by Kathrin Böhm in collaboration with the Höfer Frauen (Women of Höfen). The activities often focus on womens’ traditional and current everyday activities and related economies. One of the aims for this year is to develop a design or message for a new “Höfer Lace” which will be produced in the nearby factory and go on sale in the International Village Shop. Results and themes from this workshop will be presented and featured at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Leipzig from February 2015.

Thursday 30 October 2014
9.30    Visit Peasant Museum Frensdorf with a guided tour through the current “Rural Luxury”exhibition, with Dr. Birgit Jauernig

11.00  Natural Fermentation workshop with Caroline Zeevat and Suze Peters in the training kitchen.

12.30  Lunch at the museum.

14.30   Visit of the local lace making factory 'Stickerei Hofer' in Rattelsdorf, a small family run business that produces curtains and decorative laces.

15.30  Coffee, Village Hall Höfen

16.30 “For the future” – provisioning, endowments, advice and other investment tips for the future. With short contributions and discussion.

18.00 “Everybody brings something”, communal dinner in the Village Hall.

19.00 Public film evening with international village films, such as home-slaughter films from Höfen and Brezoi, the film “ A village does nothing”, and short films from our Rumanian guests and their Odaja project.

Friday 31. October
10.00  Visit and guided tour of the Fourteen Saints Basilica – one of the most significant
Baroque buildings in Northern Europe and the destination for Höfen’s annual pilgrimage.

12.30  Lunch

15.00 Höfer Women Coffee Afternoon, with lace conversations and a brainstorm for the new collective lace endevour. Nina Hofer is going to present her film  “Nachwellen” which shows how different Europen lace making traditions meet in her parents lace factory in Rattelsdorf.

17.00 Sylvia Hellmuth presents 'smoking' as a method to preserve food and to cleanse rooms.

Samstag 1. November
10.00 Visit of the open air museum in Bad Windsheim with Michael Back.

Fermentation Workshop

Lace Factory and Designing

Visit Communal Distillery

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Plein Air Museum Bad Windsheim

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