Local Products for a Local Market, Colombes, 11/2013


The partners for the second round of the Eco Nomadic School meet at R-Urban/Colombes to discuss and offer produce and products from their local context. The Turkish women from Stadslandbouw Schiebroek-zuid (Urban farming Schiebroek-zuid) bring all the ingredienst to make Turkish flat bread with fresh veg from their community garden in Rotterdam. Stadslandbouw Schiebroek-zuid sits between small flats in the North of Rotterdam, where habitants grow their own vegetables, herbs, flowers and fruits in small gardens. In the past three years 30 gardens were realised and by now a group of women sell their produce at markets. From their gardens and different cultures they cook delicious dishes and fingerfood as stuffed leaves, salads, pies, soup and stuffed bread. http://stadslandbouwschiebroek.blogspot.nl


Workshop session

Market at Agrocite

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