Live Project: Remote Control - Reimagining cultural accommodation in rural border regions, Northern Ireland, 2009


The Client for this Live Project was the Rhyzom partner PS2 in Belfast and the project formed part of PS2's work that had already begun to consider the border condition on the Island of Ireland (between North and South), its different cultural policies, regional independence and interdependence, the creative activities in rural landscapes, villages and small towns. The different impact of PEACE III Funding on both sides of the border in relation to cultural activities are exemplified with the border region of Leitrim (Republic of Ireland), the county with the lowest population and Co. Armagh in Northern Ireland (Portadown/Craigavon).

In this context, the Live Project Remote Control (a title that the students  chose after several weeks into the project) was intended to be a cross-border project with a strong visual outcome that would include a comparative study of what appears to be ground-up cultural activity on the southern side of the border and top-down cultural organizational structure in the north. Within this research the students were asked by PS2 “to produce some form of alternative cartography/mapping and analysis of cross border conditions (past-present-future), indicating cultural sites of production/dissemination in a rural context (formal/informal), and rhyzomatic formations of alternative cultural activities (alternative gardening/housing/economy/creative practice/art projects) through distant and at first glance dis-connected locations” . Out of this analysis students were encouraged to come up with propositions for ”temporal cultural centres” (small and large scale) as well as proposals for “housing the fluid'' and “location of new rural sites for cultural production/sharing".

Co-organisers : Agency, PS2

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Belfast, Northern Ireland
18 Donegall Street, Belfast, Northern Ireland, BT1 2GP, United Kingdom
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