2009/10/18 — 2009/10/30

Last October, AAA coordinated a workshop of ecodesign whith a group of architecture students from Sheffield who were conducting a live project for the social and cultural institution "Le 100″ in Paris, within the framework of the Rhyzompartnership.

The ECOROOF prototype is a site specific replicable construction which seeks to demonstrate and test elements of a wider strategy to green roofs, facades and terraces, collect water and produce food and energy. This strategy will be developed participatively on other buildings of the same urban context, as parts of RURBAN project.

Principal aims of the project include growing food on site in as sustainable a way as possible. The prototype is constructed from recycled materials (from the Aligre market which is very close to "Le 100″), is irrigated by rainwater and fed compost produced on site. It will test the suitability of various plant species grown intensively horizontally and vertically. This project also includes the installation of photovoltaic panels in order to supply the future social restaurant developed by "Le 100". It finally tests design solutions and looks to provoke discussion about the wider use of the roof among the building users and transmit the tools for its realization.

The live project group has put together a User Guide for the construction, use and extension of the ECOroof prototype (more info on ECOROOF live project ning) and AAA will continue to implement the project during 2010.


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