Cultural production in rural environments and small towns, Belfast and Ballykinlar, Northern Ireland

2010/06/18 — 2010/06/20

This workshop will be a theoretical session based on (all our) practical experiences on issues of cultural re-appropriation of spaces and the barriers between cultural/ artistic intervention and public inclusion.
It focuses on cultural production in rural areas, village contexts and culturally under-resourced locations (cultural production at the fringes).

Overall question: How to bridge the gap between cultural/art projects and the public?

  • ways of engagement, participation and collaboration (equal partner, expert, context pleaser)
  • our individual and collective interests and expectations in public projects (from indicating or provoking alternatives to merely being comforting)
  • our motives/ ideologies/ social interests and ambitions, why we engage with the public in creative ways (from social concern to artistic/ academic profiling)
  • how can the relationship between cultural activist/ artist and community/ audience be analysed, fostered, empowered and equalized
  • what is the balance between creative independence and social/ political commitment (from autonomous work to conspirator and social worker)
  • how to create impulses, stimulate desire and instil a demand for cultural participation and creative DIY

aaa , Paris- Anne Querrien
public works, London- Kathrin Boehm                                          
cultural agencies, Istanbul , A. Seçil Yersel Kosova, Özge Açıkkol  (Oda Projesi)
Agency, Sheffield
PS², Belfast - Fiona Woods, Ruth Morrow, Bryonie Reid, Peter Mutschler  

Christoph Schaefer and Margit Czenki - Park Fiction, Hamburg
Anne- Marie Dillon - artist, activist
Catherine Roberts - artist/PS²

Ballykinlar Mobile Community Centre

Ballykinlar Mobile Community Centre

British Army Presentation at Ballykinlar. Photo by Fiona Woods

British Army Presentation at Ballykinlar. Photo by Fiona Woods

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