Dorian Moore

Dorian Moore is a technologist who works as a consultant, sounding board, designer, website developer, programmer, hacker and general do-er and understand-er of things technical.

Over his career he's worked in a variety of environments, from clothing sales to technical support to design and advertising, through music, technology, fashion and e-commerce, founded and left a web design agency and an on-line music distributor, and has finally settled on working with artists and arts organisations on inspired projects that intend to change the way people look at and interact with their world. He works under the guise of the useful arts organisation.


London, England

London, England
South Tottenham, London, N15, United Kingdom
51.5765982 , -0.0759748

International Village Shop

A new model for interdisciplinary local cultural production and trans-local and online dissemination.

The International Village Shop (IVS) has been shaped as a collective idea and initiative by four partners since 2004:

  • Artists and Architects collective public works (London, UK)
  • Arts Organisation Grizedale Arts, Lawson Park (Cumbria, UK)
  • Artists group Somewhere (Cumbria, UK and London, UK)
  • Artist initiative (Rotterdam, NL)

The IVS is a shared public platform to develop, produce and exchange cultural produce. It involves individuals and organisations from different cultural backgrounds and addresses a variety of audiences, from local non-art to international art audiences.

website by dorian moore @ the useful arts organisation