Institutions of the common / right to the city and new cultural politics

2009/06/18 — 2009/06/22

The seminar took place in La Casa Invisible, a citizen self-managed social center, which members are called the 'Creadores invisibles' (invisible creators) in reference to the precarious and anonymous cultural workers of the area. This organisation aims to create what could be the first 3.0 generation of social centres, which is a figure that has always been seen very much in relation the the cognitive-creative-cultural labour. The seminar, including presentations, workshops, lectures and drifts is the result/'fruit' of a collaboration between La Casa Invisible, La Universidad Nómada' and the Museum National Art Center Reina Sofia (MNCARS). The content of the discussions articulated on one hand, a critical reading of the European urban space and its cultural governance models -comparing the example of Malaga with other cities- and on the other hand an analysis of different institutions or forms of social movements, self-management experiences and self-production in the cultural, social and cognitive fields.

Participants included : La casa invisible (creadores invisible) - Malaga / Osservatorio Nomade (Ana mendes de Andes) - Madrid / La Universidad Nomada (Marcelo Exposito) - Barcelona / Flexmen (Merijn Oudenampsen) - Amsterdam / Hackitectura (Osfa aka Pérez de Lama) - Sevilla / Ulex Universidad Libre Experimental (Eduardo Serrano) - Malaga / Rizoma collective (Eduardo Serrano) - Malaga / Creadores Invisibles (Antonio Romero) - Cordoba / Exit / ODS (Mauro, Teresa) - Barcelona / Car-tac (Alicia) - Malaga / AAA (Constantin Petcou, Doina Petrescu, Nolwenn Marchand, Louis Coulange) - Paris / Carrot collective (Manuela Zeckner, Valeria Graziano) - London + other participants

Organisers: La Casa Invisible / La Universidad Nómada / Museum National Art Center Reina Sofia (MNCARS)

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La Casa Invisible

La Casa Invisible
Calle nosquera 9 y 11, Malaga, 29008, Spain
36.7230891, -4.4222551

One institution of the common

One institution of the common

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