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FRIDAY SESSION at Coniston Sports and Social Club

2009/10/23 19:00

Short 5 minute presentations by the different RHYZOM partners/guests, with

  • Sarah Hunt from atelier dʼarchicture autogérée, Paris
  • Wapke Feenstra and Antje Schiffers from, Rotterdam/Berlin
  • Kathrin Böhm from public Works, London
  • Tatjana Schneider and Florian Kossak from Agency, Sheffield
  • Bryony Reid and Fiona Woods from PS2, Belfast
  • Craig Sands, Belfast
  • Celine Condorelli, London
  • Dorian Moore, London

to introduce themselves and showing work related to local production. Please bring objects/publications/things/maps etc to illustrate your 5 minutes. No powerpoints and no projector available.

Please circulate the flyer to anyone who lives in the area and might be interested.

Open to the public.

With pies (from Pottʼs Pies in Lancaster) and drinks at the bar.

The club is a concrete prefab building from the seventies. It is used by locals and therefore not required to live up to the image of rural quaintness.

John who runs the club was most welcoming and facilitating, and made sure that it was warm, cosy and quiet enough for our meeting. John makes sure we have proper pies, which means with mushy peas and gravy.

He had lived in Germany for 23 years and came back to Coniston for his retirement. We had some chats in german at the bar. The local beer is cheaper here than at the pub in the village (where it's brewed).


  • Pies from Pott's Pies in Lancaster, around the corner from where Kathrin's parents in-law live.
  • Mushy peas and gravy by John from the Social Club kitchen cupboard.
  • Bluebird Bitter from the local brewery in Coniston.

Short presentations by

  • Sarah Hunt from aaa, showing her « Hotel » proposal and ecogarden project.
  • Wapke Feenstra and Antje Schiffers from, introducing some methods of story collecting like Former Farmland. In this project the relation to the ground and soil people work and life on is the key point. Collecting local knowledge and working across existing social groups is also done in the International Village Shop. myvillages introduced their latest village produce from Boxberg and inspired by the PowerStation and linseed oil in this former Braunkohl mining area.
  • Kathrin Böhm from public works, showing the Chompost Bar, a collaborative produce from the Park Products project for Kensington Gardens, London.
  • Bryony Reid talking her work as a social cartographer and her involvement in curatorial projects.
  • Fiona Woods from PS2, talking about boarders, the past and the importance to set up networks in the rural environment.
  • Craig Sands, Belfast, talking about the Organic Centre and their particular involvment in promoting and developping local gardens and recycling both plants and resources. He works in several vegetable gardens with local volunteers. He showed a cooking book were receipts of garden food was collected by them.
  • Celine Condorelli, about Support Structure and the new book, as well as introducing issues around the british commons which are relevant to rhyzom. The commons can be considered as a model for sharing resources which is not based on private property but on local provisions.
  • Dorian Moore, talking about his online work and notions of an on-line local.

Issues :

  • the local is as much an urban as a rural issue
  • the local as a temporary framework (e.g. online) rather than geographical one
  • collaborative production from local resource
  • the identity of the "in between" local, e.g the non-metropolitan, which can also be from periphery to periphery.

Coniston Sports and Social Club

Coniston Sports and Social Club
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