PS² = Paragon Studios / project space, is a small artist collective, with studio space in the centre of Belfast.
A former shop in the same building, project space, is used as a platform for art projects and run on a voluntary, non-commercial base. The focus of the activities is on urban intervention and social interaction by artists, multidisciplinary groups and theorists, deliberately opening the traditional categories and often expanding to other locations. PS² is supported by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland. A full archive of previous exhibitions and projects can be viewed here.


The Irish village has a peculiar charm, and its quality should be retained. We are not doing this. Many examples come to mind where condemned houses lining a village street are pulled down and rebuilt dotted about, perhaps half a mile from the village centre. Thus the village becomes a collection of shops, a public-house or two, with gaps where houses used to be. As a substitute for the village dwellings, thin ‘ribbons’ sprawl along the approaches. The whole quality of communal village life has disappeared, and the one-time inhabitants have to trudge for half a mile from all directions to get to it. The policy to be adopted in the retention of the village nucleus, while preventing the town from sucking dry the life of the countryside, demands careful consideration from a central authority. Such a policy should provide for village halls and social activities which would reinstate the village as a social agricultural centre, for it is mostly the lack of social life which drives people from the country.

Manning Robertson: 'Implementing the National Plan,' 1943.

Project Context

PS²& RHYZOM will focus on the border condition on the Island of Ireland (between North and South), its different cultural policies, regional independence and creative activities in rural landscapes, villages and small towns. The border region of Co. Leitrim, Republic of Ireland- the county with the lowest population and Co. Armagh in Northern Ireland (Portadown/Craigavon) are the research areas. They allow for a compact, comparative study of cultural, social, political and rural/urban similarities and differences and its impact on the cultural production. The multidisciplinary group of artists, cultural geographer and architect from the North and South of Ireland will analyse these divergent developments and come up with individual projects, which will contribute to the overall Rhyzom research.




Belfast, Northern Ireland

Belfast, Northern Ireland
18 Donegall Street, Belfast, Northern Ireland, BT1 2GP, United Kingdom
54.5988866 , -5.9303562

PS² on Donegall Street, Belfast

PS² on Donegall Street, Belfast

Collection of Minds

COLLECTION OF MINDS is a fluid platform for collaborative activity in which people from a wide variety of disciplines are invited to contribute to projects that question the prevailing horizon of political, social and economic possibility, employing artistic modes of presentation and representation to present alternatives (real and/or imagined) into the public domain, employing alternative circuits of production and distribution and/or the institutional site of art as appropriate.

See the first zine, COMMON, by Fiona Woods here, and Public Common, a zine by ece sariyuz, commissioned  for collection of minds #1 here.

The Translocal Condition


The Translocal Condition takes as its starting position an idea that the local is the exact point at which people can act in the interests of change. By connecting translocally, it becomes possible to build networks of change.

Each of the eight participating artists or artist collectives, drawn from around the world, shows a film work that engages with specific local conditions. By focusing on action and possibility, these works place the capacity and the responsibility for change in the hands of ordinary people, wherever they find themselves. 

A screening of international artist films at The Power of Local festival, The Courthouse Gallery, Ennistymon, Co. Clare, Ireland. August 4th - 8th 2011
Screenings by; Ahmed Nabil (EGY), theweathergroup_U and Jeffrey Lee (AUS), Kultivator (SW), Herbologies/Foraging Networks (FI/LAT), Gareth Kennedy (IRL), Nina Nordstrom (FI), Wapke Feenstra ( (NL), Jennie Guy & Claire Behan (IRL). 

The Translocal Condition is a collection of minds project, curated by Fiona Woods :

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