APTNV is a local association (NGO) in the north of the Valcea county - Romania,  at the border of Historical regions Transylvania and Valahia. Its aims are to help development in fields like cultural education, tourism and regional progress. It’s purpose is to imply people from countryside in activities such as rediscovering local traditions, promoting area or finding new branches for developing the community.

This organization was founded in 2001 by farmer, entrepreneur and pedagoge Mircea Onica, a native from Brezoi, in collaboration with another 5 people. During this period of time,  APTNV was involved in several projects aimed to develop local skills or to rediscover the traditional culture.

The organization works with young and determined people, who are trying to improve the future’s perspective of their community. APTNV works with volunteers who wish to help or to learn how to save the traditional  knowledge about manufacturing and farming and how to enable this exchange  of information between generations. 

The association aims to mobilize local and international resources through partnerships and collaborations that have been established with current members through their previous involvement with  FCDL  in former European Union granted adult education projects like Grundtvig Learning Partnership CLIC (2013-15), Eco Nomadic School (2011-13)

website: https://nedeeavalceana.wordpress.com/


247530, Romania
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