Rhyzom and Eco Nomadic School are collaboartive practices to understand and cultural productions related to local contexts (eco-cultures, local skills and alternative economies, traditional practices and cultures of resilience, rural/urban exchanges) and to reflect and develop them through an European interdisciplinary network which constitutes a cultural platform for mutual learning, support and trans-local dissemination.

Rhyzom was initiated in 2009 by five partners: atelier d'architecture autogérée (coordinator - Paris, FR), Platforma Garanti Contemporary Art Center (Istanbul, TR), AGENCY - The University of Sheffield (UK), Paragon Studios Ltd (Belfast, UK) and  public works (London, UK). Associated local partners included: ISPARA - Institute for Strategies of Participative Architecture and Spatial Appropriation (DE), FCDL - Foundation for Local Community Development (RO), Myvillages (DE, UK, NL), PEPRAV - (European Platform for Alternative Practice and Research on the City) and Oda Projesi (UIstanbul,TR).

Rhyzom activities spanned over two years and span:

- Cross thematic field trips, that allow the collection of information in situ for a collective database.

- Immersive workshops, that constitute the framework for strengthening existing local initiatives and initiating exchange involving participants from other disciplines and contexts. Some of these workshops are accompanied by educational workshops with students from different Universities (Sheffield, Istanbul, Belfast, Bucharest, etc) involved in defining contextual issues and protocols for collaborative work and dissemination.

- Trans-local dissemination, including the present website and nomadic exhibitions, rhizomatic publications and the collective Trans-Local Act publication.


Since 2011 Rhyzom continues as the Eco Nomadic School which involves many of the initial partners and focuses on the concrete conceptual and practical development of existing local projects with the input from the wider network.

Partners since 2011 include atelier d'architecture autogérée  and the Colombes based R-Urban project (Paris, FR), Myvillages with the ongoing International Village Shop and New Village Goods project (DE, UK, NL), Agency - The University of Sheffield (UK), FCDL and APTNV (Brezoi, Rumania), Brave New Alps with their CommunFare project (I) and the Peasant Museum Frensorf (DE).


Any organisation or individual interested in being part of RHYZOM or the Eco Nomadic School please contact us.


Rhyzom has received support from the EC programme Culture 2007, the European Cultural Foundation and other local institutions and agencies. Eco Nomadic School is supported through the EU Grundtvig programme for learning partneships and Erasmus+.



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