Co-produced Resilience, R-Urban (FR), June 2017

2017/06/15 — 2017/06/19

Thursday 15th June

13h-18h : Camping-Forum organized by “Yes we camp” where many organizations to think how to make a city based on sharing. There will be round tables, workshops. You are invited at 5.P.M.
“Yes we camp” explore the possibilities of building, living and using shared spaces by offering innovative, functional and inclusive temporary equipment.

17h : You are invited to present your structure and there are a free aperitif.

Aux Grands Voisins, 82 Avenue Denfert-Rochereau, 75014 Paris

21h : Diner at “La Nouvelle Cantine”
25 Boulevard de Bonne Nouvelle, 75010 Paris


Friday 16th June

The Bagneux’s Agrocité is a project developed by a partnership between AAA, City Council of Bagneux and local associations such as Bagneux Environnement, CRAC, the district office and some other associations. The aim is to develop civic units and to encourage ecological practices such as urban agriculture, re-employment and environmental education. For two years, AAA organizes participatif workshops with the associations to define the uses of the parcel and the building. The building permit was deposited and we started the gardens in order to allow the inhabitants and associations to get involved already in concrete way in the project.

10h-12h : Introduction and installation of the Bagneux’s Agrocité :
+ Presentation of Agrocité
+ Presentation of workshops and two-day program
+ Recuperation of tools at the district office

12h-13h : Free lunch on site

13h-16h30 : Workshops :
+ Gardening
+ Signage (Drawing and Realisation)
+ Construction (Vertical planter)
23 rue de la Lisette, 92220 Bagneux

18h30-19h30 : Intervention Markus Bader of raumlabor : Learning Participation
Markus Bader is member and co-founder of Raumlaborberlin, an architectural collective renowned for its cross-cutting work which incorporates architecture, urban planning, art and urban interventions, such as the transformation and revitalisation of the Tempelhof Airport as a public space in Berlin.Markus combines his work as an architect with education, and not just in academia as Professor of Projects at the University of the Arts in Berlin, but also at the Urban School Ruhr, an open university developed by Raumlaborberlin in cooperation with Urbane Künste Ruhr, a learning platform and pedagogical experiment that investigates participative and artistic practices in urban space. With projects such as the Göteborg Sauna, Bader has been nominated for the Kasper Salin Prize, the 2015 National Swedish Architecture Award.

19h30 : Cocktail reception on site
École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Paris-Belleville, 60 Boulevard de la Villette, 75019 Paris
Amphithéâtre Bernard HUET


Saturday 17th June

10h-12h : Follow-up workshops

12h-13h : Lunch on site

13h-17h : Workshops with “Bagneux environnement”:
+ Gardening
+ Wool (Spinning and carding)
+ Construction (Water collector)
23 rue de la Lisette, 92220 Bagneux

18h-19h : Intervention Grace Ndiritu : The Ark : Center for interdisciplinary experimentation
Grace Ndiritu (Kenya/UK) took the radical decision in 2012 only to spend time in the city when necessary, and to otherwise live in rural, alternative and often spiritual communities, while expanding her research into nomadic lifestyles and training in esoteric studies such as shamanism, which she began over 16 years ago. Her research so far has taken her to both Thai and Tibetan Buddhist monasteries, permaculture communities in New Zealand, forest tree dwellers in Argentina, neo-tribal festivals such the ‘Burning Man’ in Nevada, a Hare Krishna ashram and the ‘Findhorn’ New Age community in Scotland.

19h : Cocktail reception on site
56 Rue Saint-Blaise, Paris 75020

Sunday 18th June

10h-14h : « Fête de la récup’ » Repair Fair - guided visit with Camille ROGNANT, member of REFER (Le réseau des acteurs du Réemploi en Île-de-France)
48 rue Vieille du Temple, 75004 Paris


Monday 19th June
All the day there are visits differents connected project in Paris by groups.


100 rue de Charenton, Paris, 75012
48.8475894911226, 2.3770165443

Ecole_IG Workshop Paris 2017

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