Interstizi Reattivi, Rovereto (IT), May to December 2016

2016/05/11 — 2016/12/10

During a series of 6 weekends, between May and December 2016, we are visiting bottom-up initiatives of self-organised economies such as around food production, housing, cultural production. On Saturday, we go on fieldtrips to visit intiatives in Northern Italy and Austria, while on Sundays we run workshops to collectively develop each participants project idea.


14 May 2016
Collaborative planning of the activities to come

11-12 June 2016
- Visit to the Organisation für eine Solidarische Welt, Brixen
- Mapping the project ideas of the participants

16-17 July 2016
- Visit to the Kulturbäckerei, Innsbruck
- Visit to Il Masetto, Terragnolo

15 and 18 September 2016
- participation in the conference Trentino Economia Solidale in Trento
- visit to the organic farm La Fonte, Folgaria

8-9 October 2016
- visit to the community supported agriculture project Arvaia in Bologna

12-13 November 2016
- visit to the cohousing project Ecosol in Fidenza

26 November 2016
- visit to the KM0 grain project GoEver in the Valle dei Laghi
- collective debriefing session

Brave New Alps

Brave New Alps
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Interstizi reattivi

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